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Outdoor Fireplaces, Fire Pits, Grills…Oh My!

There’s no place like home! If you are fortunate enough to live in beautiful Salt Lake City then Uintah Fireplaces can help you add that custom outdoor centerpiece that will give your space the warmth and ambiance it needs. That means more time enjoying those breathtaking Utah sunsets from your very own backyard with your family and friends.

Many of us get so consumed with home improvement projects that need to be done indoors, that we often neglect the deserved attention to our outdoor spaces. Talented designers at Uintah Fireplaces are here to help you get started and are ready to walk with you step-by-step from design, to installation, to maintenance.

Here are some helpful details to consider as you move forward with your backyard fireplace plans!

First Things First!

By now you probably have what seems like an endless list of ideas for your outdoor space. There are many directions you can take.

Do you want a fireplace or a fire pit? How big should it be? Where should it go?

It can be overwhelming to pursue such an investment.

Let our designers help with a free in-home consultation! You have the opportunity to work with capable professionals who are ready to answer questions and design with you, the perfect fixture to add ambiance and functionality to your backyard.


An important aspect of design is function. Consider all the other attractions that you want to include with your illuminating centerpiece. Swimming pools, gardens, sport courts, play equipment… Perhaps just a wide open yard for your kids and pets to run free. All of these ideas are important considerations!

Families might consider a gas fire pit that can be accessed from all sides. It would be perfect for sitting around and indulging in late night s’more roasts during the Summer. Or maybe a gas fireplace with a television mounted above it is more your speed. Nothing like cheering on your favorite team from the comfort (and enjoyment) in your own backyard!

On another note, we should all be taking the time to relax and unwind regularly. And there’s no better place to do that than at home. An outdoor fireplace or fire pit is perfect for quiet evenings to do just that.

Design Options

Whether you are in the market for a fireplace or a fire pit, experienced staff members can help you create stunning designs to fit your style and taste. Our designers can help you create something that fits your style! From modern to more traditional, or even rustic, the options available are worth exploring.

Uintah Fireplaces offer easy to maintain gas logs that will give you the look and warmth you have been searching for. Take the old memories and nostalgia of sitting around a flickering campfire, and bring them to life with the convenience and ease of a natural gas burning log. Consider utilizing these eco-friendly logs in your fire pit or fireplace design.

Investment and Maintenance

Not only do gas fireplaces and gas fire pits make economical sense in the long run, they allow for space to create and design exactly what fits your needs and taste for years to come.

Gas burning fireplaces don’t develop creosote (ash and debris build up), so the cleaning and service that would be required of you is much less frequent than maintaining a wood burning fireplace.

Capable technicians at Uintah Fireplaces are able to hook up fireplaces and fire pits to a gas line, saving you money on wood costs. Natural gas also burns cleaner than wood so that’s a win for your lungs, the environment, and ultimately, your pocketbook.

Grill Time!

Don’t forget one of the essential parts of any great backyard. It’s the outdoor appliance that cooks the mouth watering food, and the backyard toy that is the envy of every man in your neighborhood. That’s right, the grill.

Napoleon Grills are some of the highest rated gas grills on the market today. Attractive design, user friendly, and superb quality is just what someone should look for in a grill. Uintah Fireplaces is a carrier of these top of the line grills in the Salt Lake City area and we carry a wide selection of available grills, perfect to suit your style and needs.

Guaranteed to be another great investment for you and your family. Anytime is the right time to own a grill.

Let’s Get Going!

So many options await you! Get ready to create your very own outdoor oasis in Salt Lake City.

Uintah Fireplaces employ professional staff members that will confidently design and install your outdoor unit, ensuring exceptional craftsmanship and service from beginning to end.

Contact Uintah Fireplaces today for your free in-home design consultation!

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