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How to Design Your Backyard for Camping

Searching for an amazing traditional outdoor activity? Now is the time to plan your perfect backyard getaway.

Camping in the backyard is perfect for an old-fashioned family fun. Building a tent close to your home is the perfect way to embrace nature, have fun with kids, gaze at the stars at night and eat food cooked over the fire. It also allows you to bond with your family sans the major trip to a campground and all the hassle involved in sleeping in the great outdoors.

While camping in the wilderness can be fun and comes with its own benefits, sticking close to your home can provide a lot of the same fun and adventure while still keeping you within a safe distance from your bathroom, kitchen, and all the comforts of home. Say goodbye tolong-haul, stressful road trips and hello to backyard camping fun.

Here are some ways to design your backyard for camping:

Plan Out Your Perfect Night

Before you go on your backyard camping excursion, it’s best to set rules for your family. Create a “to-do” list that includes clearing an area for your tent, preparing snacks, and choosing activities for the night. While you are setting rules and expectations, be sure to keep it fun. If you want to get away from the house for a little while, consider adding a short hike around your neighborhood to the agenda.

Have a Barbecue

The fun and excitement begins when the sun goes down, and planning out your dinner menu is a must.An outdoor barbecue means you can enjoy eating together as a family.You can either prepare the food on your traditional grill, or think about fun and easy menu ideas that you can cook over an open fire, just like you might if you were out in the wilderness. Enjoying your favorite grilled foods and staring at the stars is a great way to start the evening.

Build an Outdoor Fireplace

This is a perfect way to add warmth during a cold night. A fireplace can be an impressive focal point in your backyard, and provide the perfect addition to make your family camping trip feel like you are out in nature.

At Uintah Fireplace and Design, we understand your need for a unique and unforgettable backyard camping. We have the expertise to install all your fire-related needs. Get in touch with us today to find out how we can help you plan a beautiful outdoor fireplace and get the perfect start to your camping “staycation”.

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