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Tips for Igniting and Operating Your SLC Gas Fireplace

For those who are new to the style, using a gas fireplace might seem a bit foreign. It’s a very different process for those who are used to lighting traditional wood logs or using another format, but luckily it’s also a relatively simple and straightforward new approach to get yourself familiar with.

At Uintah Fireplaces, we’re proud to not only offer the best and most affordable gas fireplaces in Salt Lake City, but also to provide simple assistance with how to use and maintain any of our products. What are some general tips we offer clients on how to learn more about their new gas fireplace and operate it properly? Here are several.

Checking Your Manual

The single best resource you have available to you when it comes to understanding your gas fireplace: The manual that comes with your model. This manual will contain information ranging from how to install your unit, the controls and safety features, how to clean it, what type of remote is included or if none is needed, warranty information or other special items.

Much like when you open a manual for any sort of electronic device that comes with an instruction booklet, be sure to give it a read through at least once in full before getting started. If you’ve misplaced your manual or never received one to begin with, simply contact our team or visit the manufacturer’s website, where you should typically be able to download it for free.

Using the Wall Switch

For today’s modern gas fireplaces, a common feature that makes operations incredibly simple is the wall switch. This is typically a small, rectangular box attached to one side of your fireplace that can be removed or replaced if necessary. It’s powered using batteries, which are included with the product upon purchase.

These wall switches don’t simply turn your gas fireplace on and off without any advanced features – they’re typically designed to work in conjunction with remotes, too. You can use it to toggle flame brightness or activate a flame bed feature such as an ember bed, flameless candle effect or fire logs. However you want to control your fireplace, the wall switch is what makes that possible.

When the fireplace is first installed, you should take some time to test out this wall switch and ensure it’s performing its advertised functions. If this method does not light the fireplace, however, or if your gas fireplace didn’t come with a wall switch at all, you will have to manually light your pilot light instead — and there are two different methods for this, which we’ll go over in our next couple sections.

Igniting Gas Fireplace With a Key

In many cases, your gas fireplace will come with a key — some will have it already installed into the wall, while others will require you to insert it. Here are the basic steps to lighting your gas fireplace using this key:

  • Remove cover: For safety reasons, you cannot activate your fireplace without first removing any sort of cover that may be in place. This typically means lining up an arrow on one side of the key with a corresponding marking on the other end, then pushing down to remove it.
  • Insert ignition key: You’ll see a hole in which you can insert the key into your fireplace, usually to the right or left of the fireplace. In some cases, as we just noted, the key will already be installed into this hole. If yours does not, you will have to insert it.
  • Gloves and lighter: Before turning the ignition key, ensure you have heat-resistant gloves — and now is the time to put them on. In addition, you’ll need a long lighter or a long match to help ignite the pilot light once the key is turned.
  • Turn key: If you’re familiar with children’s toys, this will provide a similar experience. Turn the key about a half-turn counterclockwise — this will release gas into the pilot ignition line that will then light up. It’s a good idea to keep your lighter or long match on hand, just in case it takes multiple attempts!
  • Ventilation: If you smell gas in any way, or even if you just want to be careful here, open your sliding glass door or open a window to allow for ventilation. You can turn the key back in small increments, if needed, after doing so.
  • Replace cover: Once the pilot light is on, you can replace all covers that were taken off.

Igniting Gas Fireplace With a Control Panel

In still other situations, a fireplace key won’t be an option and you’ll have to open your control panel to manage your pilot light. Here are the basic steps here:

  • Open control panel: This is usually found behind your fireplace screen; if not, consult your manual to locate it.
  • Turn control knob on: This is the part of your control panel where you’ll turn a knob — clockwise to activate it, counterclockwise to deactivate. If there’s a button involved instead of a knob, you will usually have to push that button for this step.
  • Ventilation: Again, whether or not you smell gas, you should open a window for ventilation right before continuing.
  • Shutoff valve: If the fireplace has a shutoff valve, you need to turn it until the handle is parallel with the gas line — this allows fuel into the fireplace.
  • Light pilot: When you’re ready, turn the control knob to the pilot position. While doing so, press and hold the control knob and hit the fireplace ignition switch until you see ignition.
  • If this doesn’t work, re-try the previous steps. If it does, move the control knob from PILOT to ON, then replace your cover.

For more on how to operate your gas fireplace properly, or to learn about any of our fireplace services in Salt Lake City or nearby areas, speak to the staff at Uintah Fireplaces today.

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