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Tips for a Safe and Enjoyable Fire Pit Gathering

Whether it’s a cool winter evening by the fire or a warm summer barbeque theme, the fire pit is a fantastic social epicenter for many homeowners. It’s the perfect central location for many gatherings, from a family celebration to a larger social event held on the property.

At Uintah Fireplace and Design, we have a wide range of outdoor gas fire pit options for you and your family to choose from. We’ll help you design your fire pit and entire outdoor space to complement each other, including a consultation with our expert staff before purchase. During this consultation, our staff can offer expertise on numerous important areas – here are some tips we offer on safety and coordination anytime you’re holding a gathering around the fire pit.

Space and Flow

Once you have some idea of how many people will be present for a given gathering or party, spend just a few minutes surveying the area and ensuring you have enough space for everyone to remain safe. If you’re planning on various foods or activities to be set up, ensure these aren’t out of the way and don’t interfere with people’s path to and from the fire pit.

In addition, survey the area for any safety hazards like lawn issues, fence edges that are sharp, or even broken glass or other debris that might be on the ground. If there are any hazardous areas, mark or block these off in advance. If your gathering is planned as a longer one, make sure there’s ample seating present for everyone who is attending.


The fire from your fire pit itself will provide some light, yes, but you shouldn’t use this as the only light source. You should also ensure the outdoor area has proper lighting in place so guests can see where they’re going, including pathways back inside.

Safety Kit

Anytime you’re having a fire, even using safe gas fire options like our fire pits, you should have a basic safety kit on hand in case anything goes wrong. Include basics like a bucket of water, a flashlight or some other lighting source, and possibly a fire extinguisher just in case. It’s always better to be safe than sorry.

Bug Repellant

It’s not a safety element per se, but one additional tip we can offer you for throwing parties around the fire pit, particularly if it’s during the warmer season when bugs are out in force: Consider burning some sage or tossing lemon balm into the fire pit to keep bugs away. These items will make the area smell great to humans, for one, and will also do a very good job chasing the bugs away and keeping them away.

For more on staying safe around a fire pit gathering, or to learn about any of our gas fireplace products or options, speak to the staff at Uintah Fireplace and Design today.

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