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Home Remodels to Avoid for Those Seeking High ROI

While some people are primarily focused on increasing their home’s value through home remodeling, others simply desire certain new elements for their personal comfort or taste. Many choose to combine these factors during a home remodeling project as well.

At Uintah Fireplaces, we offer quality home remodeling services that include kitchen, bathroom, basement and other remodeling options – and we don’t discriminate based on your needs. Sometimes people just want what they want, and we’d never steer you away from the remodel of your dreams just because it won’t add major value to your home.

For those who do care most about increasing home value, however, there are a few home remodeling areas we might advise you to steer clear of. Here are a few prime examples, with some basic reasoning also included.

Home Offices

No matter where you choose to place it or how nicely you arrange the design, home offices are not known as remodeling projects that bring great return on investment (ROI). In fact, the opposite is often true: Home offices tend to hurt your resale value.

This is because buyers prefer their square footage for areas like bedrooms, kitchens and living spaces. A high percentage of buyers won’t have any need for a home office, and the space used for it will essentially be wasted on them.

Second Story Additions

Another expensive and generally low-ROI remodeling project is adding a second story to a one-story home. For one, adding this much square footage to any home will almost certain increase your property taxes. For another, the time and money it takes to perform such a major remodel will often come close to the home’s market value to begin with. This is one of those areas you should only consider if this is your forever home and you never plan to sell it.

Master Suite

Master suites may look and feel great, but they aren’t generally the best use of your money when ROI is the primary factor. You have to consider both the bedroom and bathroom space here, and many of the features that tend to come with modern master suites are unnecessary for many buyers – this will limit your pool if you do choose to place the home on the market in the near future.


Finally, many people love sunrooms because they add seasons to the home and can fill in for a deck or patio area if this isn’t realistic on your property. But many buyers don’t view a sunroom as a proper maximization of space, but rather as something they need to remodel or remove themselves. If you’re looking to go this route but want to maintain home value, consider a temporary arrangement.

For more on the kinds of remodeling projects to avoid if your top priority is ROI and home value, or to learn about any of our fireplace or home remodeling services, speak to the staff at Uintah Fireplaces today.

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