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Cost Savings Benefits of Gas Fireplace Inserts

Some people may believe that it’s impossible to own a fireplace of any kind without incurring major costs, but this simply isn’t the case today. Modern technology allows for numerous fireplace products that are quite affordable, including those that will save you significant sums over past fireplace iterations – and one of the top examples here is that of the gas fireplace insert.

At Uintah Fireplace and Design, we proudly offer a varying range of contemporary fireplace products that includes both gas inserts and gas logs for our clients to choose from. Gas inserts are ideal for any space where you have an existing wood firebox, but want to convert it to a more efficient and safer gas fireplace. Our inserts are designed to fit within existing fireplaces and most will even feature the same look as a wood burning insert, with some added benefits that come along with it – and cost savings are often chief among these benefits. Here are some ways gas inserts help their owners save money, both compared to older fireplace options and in certain related home cost areas.

Very Little Maintenance Required

First and foremost, especially compared to items like older traditional wood-burning fireplaces, gas inserts require very little maintenance. This means that you won’t be paying for regular fireplace cleanings and repairs – a task that can quickly add up over the years with wood-burning fireplaces.

Rather, because there’s no ash or soot to clean up and no wood logs to replace, gas inserts are a much easier fireplace option in terms of care. They don’t require any sort of every-use maintenance, and will only need periodic service every few years to ensure they’re working properly.

Lower Energy Bills

Another key cost-saving advantage of gas inserts is that they can help you lower your energy bills due to their superior heating efficiency. Gas fireplaces are far more efficient than traditional wood-burning models and offer a number of ways to better control the heat output in your home, which in turn helps to lower your energy bills. These systems are designed to keep the heat in your home going, meaning that you could wind up saving quite a bit of money over time with this energy-efficient option.

In fact, many owners of gas fireplace inserts find that their winter heating costs drop substantially after converting – and that’s an impressive cost savings for many households.

Faster Heat

Part of the reason for the above, and also a major benefit in terms of comfor, is that gas inserts heat up and cool down much faster than traditional wood-burning fireplaces. This means you’ll get your desired warmth in the house more quickly, without having to wait for the logs or embers to kindle – something that could take quite a while with traditional options. With gas inserts, all it takes is one quick flip of a button and you’ll have on-demand heat.

In fact, these fireplace inserts are much quicker at heating a given space than your home’s own HVAC system, which means it could be used to supplement the existing heating system in a pinch. This is another cost-saving benefit, as you won’t have to run your central heat as often if you can utilize a gas insert too.

Heat During Power Outages

Down related lines, because gas fireplaces do not require the use of electrical power to operate, they’re a great way to stay warm in the event of a power outage. No matter what kind of weather you’re facing or how long the blackout lasts, gas inserts will be there to provide heat – making them an invaluable purchase and investment for those who live in areas prone to frequent or extended power outages.

Environmental Benefits

Many people are putting an increasingly large emphasis on the environment when it comes to their purchasing decisions, and gas inserts are a great option for those who want to reduce their own carbon footprint. These products produce much fewer emissions than traditional wood-burning fireplaces, which can help improve the air quality in your home and also in the local area.

Plus, gas fireplaces use less energy overall, meaning that you’re helping to reduce your energy consumption and supporting sustainability on a larger scale as well.

Adding Home and Property Value

Another key area homeowners are always thinking about, especially when purchasing any sort of home upgrade or improvement, is how they can boost their home and property value – and gas fireplace inserts do just that.

This is because they add both aesthetic and functional appeal to a home, making it more attractive to potential buyers should you ever decide to put it on the market. Plus, since the inserts are usually easy to access and maintain, there’s very little cost to their use – meaning your ROI, or return on investment, will be much higher compared to other home improvement projects.

Altogether, gas fireplace inserts are an excellent option for homeowners looking to save money, reduce energy consumption, and improve their homes overall – making them a no-brainer when it comes to cost savings and investment options. Be sure to talk with a professional before making any final decisions on your own, as a certified professional can help you determine the best option for your own home and situation.

For more on this, or to learn about any of our fireplace products or services, speak to our team at Uintah Fireplace and Design today.

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