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The Only Gas Fireplace Services You’ll Need in Salt Lake City

Fireplaces come in many forms. Some offer practicality and affordability, but with a few compromises. With a gas fireplace, you don’t need to compromise much. You get a hearth plus the comforting heat and soft, flickering light that can only come from real flames.

Let us complete the picture of a home where the people you love can gather and make happy memories together.

Gas Fireplace Services We Offer

We are an established fireplace company offering a range of gas fireplace services in Salt Lake City, Utah.

    • Installation – Take your pick from the gas fireplaces we have on display at our showroom. We have an extensive network of fireplace manufacturers and suppliers that provide us with a wide range of designs. You’re sure to find one that matches your home and preferences.
    • Gas Fireplace Repair – It doesn’t matter where in Salt Lake City your gas fireplace came from or which company installed it. We’ll see to its maintenance, repair, and replacement whenever necessary. We also offer gas fireplace restoration in Salt Lake City, Utah. Architects design fireplaces as the central interior feature of a house. They are the condensed version of its overall architecture, reflecting and complementing the interior and exterior designs. Sadly, many houses in Utah have boarded-up fireplaces — a common sight in the 1950s when households started to embrace central heating. We can restore hidden fireplaces in your home and get them to light up and bring warmth to your household again.
    • Tune Ups – Ensure your family’s safety by getting a professional to tune-up your gas fireplace at least once a year. Gas fireplaces don’t require day-to-day maintenance, but they still need looking after. We pay attention to crucial points, like the ignition, gas valves, combustion chamber, and the likelihood of carbon monoxide leaks.

    Get a dependable gas fireplace for your home in Salt Lake City. It will be a source of comfort and peace of mind, especially in winter and spring when temperatures can drop below 20 degrees Fahrenheit.

    Visit our showroom or fill out our contact form to schedule a consultation.