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Why Linear Gas Fireplace Inserts Make Sense

If you’re looking to convert a traditional wood fireplace space into a more modern option, you might be worried about the cost or the process of this conversion. At Uintah Fireplace and Design, however, we’re here to tell you that this isn’t the case – you can accomplish this conversion without the major hassle of completely replacing your fireplace.

How, you ask? Through the use of our linear fireplace gas insert options. These inserts can be installed in any existing fireplace by our professionals, with different sizes and styles available to fit your space. What are some of the reasons why you should consider linear fireplace inserts? There are several.

Simplicity and Convenience

Unlike many other fireplace formats, which require significant preparation and time before they’re operating at peak capacity, gas fireplace inserts are ready to go at a moment’s notice. There are no complicated buttons or levers – you simply turn the equipment on or off and let it do its job.

In addition, gas options are the cleanest and simplest out there. They produce no ash or soot for you to have to clean up, and also require no preparation or aftercare of any kind. They’re arguably the most convenient fireplace option out there.

Immediate Heat

As we touched on above, this convenience means you’re never waiting impatiently for your fireplace to warm up and finally start giving off some heat. With a wood fireplace, for instance, you have to take the time to arrange logs and stoke the flames until they build properly, plus you have to regularly maintain logs and kindling if you don’t want the fire to go out in a few minutes.

With gas options, there’s no such hassle or wait. You turn the fireplace on using your remote and instantly begin to feel increased warmth and relaxation.

Saves Space

Linear gas fireplaces are installed into wall spaces that previously held wood fireplaces – they require no additional space. They’re flat and not bulky at all, allowing you to design a central home hub around them however you choose.

Looks Realistic

Linear fireplace options have decorative screens on the front, and through these you will see real flames and an authentic feel. For this reason, gas fireplaces can be just as effective as their wood counterparts at becoming the focal design point of a room.

Limited Maintenance

From the absence of ash and soot to the limited mechanical parts, linear gas fireplace inserts are a breeze to maintain. You don’t have to spend any time cleaning the grate after each use or removing old logs. All you have to do is get regular yearly maintenance done to ensure nothing is out of order, and you’re done.

For more on why you should consider linear gas fireplace inserts for your home, or to learn more about any of our fireplace installation services, speak to the pros at Uintah Fireplace and Design today.

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