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Important Qualities of Electric Fireplaces, Part 1

For those looking for a fireplace model that brings many of the benefits of a traditional fireplace but without some of the upkeep needs and stressors, the electric fireplace is the way to go. Electric fireplaces offer several distinct benefits for certain homeowners, including their limited maintenance needs and beautiful aesthetics.

At Uintah Fireplace and Design, we’re happy to offer several electric fireplace options for you to consider among our contemporary fireplace products. Because they’re newer products compared to some of the other fireplace options that have been available for decades or even centuries, we get more questions about our electric models than any other type – this two-part blog will dig into answering as many of these as we can by pointing out several areas you should consider when it comes to electric fireplaces.

No Gas Lines, Ventless

In many cases, particularly if you live in certain urban areas with strict environmental regulations, certain fireplace options simply won’t be available to you at all. Some building types do not allow new venting to be installed, for instance, while other areas may have limits on gas usage or wood fireplaces being installed.

With electric fireplaces, though, these concerns are removed. These models require no venting whatsoever, plus have no need for gas lines or any similar area. This means they’re perfect for virtually any property type or area.

Creating Flame Effects

Another benefit of electric fireplaces, especially for people with children or pets: They don’t create actual flames. Rather, these fireplaces produce flame effects that are stunning and realistic, but utilize LED lights rather than any actual flame or heat source. This is beneficial not only for safety, but for efficiency and environmental benefits as well.

Warmth and Heat to Touch

Now, the above isn’t to say that electric fireplaces don’t generate heat – they absolutely can, with electric blowers present that can often warm a small room or a section of a larger one. This kind of targeted heat is perfect for staying warm without raising your utility bill significantly.

However, it’s vital to note that while the fireplace can produce heat, the fireplace and glass will not heat up. This means these models are far safer for everyone.

Cost of Operation

While the cost of operating your electric fireplace will vary based on the price of electricity at any given time, an area that ebbs and flows, their overall operation is not expensive. Installation is extremely affordable, for one, and they require virtually no special maintenance or hassle to care for. And as we noted, their heat creation can be targeted based on your needs.

For more on the benefits and important factors surrounding electric fireplaces, or to learn about any of our fireplace services, speak to the staff at Uintah Fireplace and Design today.

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