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Choose an Electric Fireplace for Your Home in Utah

Turn a house into a cozy, welcoming abode for your family without breaking the bank.

Uintah Fireplace and Design provides durable, stylish, and high-quality electric fireplaces in Salt Lake City, Utah. With our products and installation service, you enjoy the benefits of a fireplace — even when it’s not possible to construct or maintain a chimney in your apartment, condo, or single-family home.

Why an Electric Fireplace?

A fireplace offers many benefits, but it also requires regular maintenance and upkeep.

Consider a traditional wood fireplace. They need regular cleaning because ash and soot are detrimental to indoor air quality. You’ll need to dispose of the burned pieces of wood and find a reliable supplier of good firewood.

Moreover, the Chimney Safety Institute of America says soot build-up inside chimneys should not go over half an inch of thickness. Otherwise, it could clog the flue, and toxic carbon monoxide (a byproduct of inefficient wood burning) could accumulate inside your home.

You’ll need to know a chimney repair and cleaning contractor if you want to keep a traditional wood fireplace.

Choose an electric fireplace if maintaining a traditional fireplace will be difficult for you. This way, you can still have a hearth in your living room without the hassle of regular maintenance.

For many homes in Utah, an electric fireplace is the most sensible choice.

  • Cost-efficient – Buy and install a free-standing electric fireplace at a fraction of the price of a fireplace and chimney system.
  • Low-maintenance – Spend more days enjoying your fireplace than cleaning it. Without burning wood or gas, you won’t have to clean ash or soot on a regular basis.
  • Clean Air – Enjoy good indoor air quality and breathe in clean air free from impurities and gas fumes.
  • Safe for Your Family – Go to sleep without worrying about burning embers sparking a fire.
  • Environmentally Friendly – Achieve your secondary heating and interior design goals without increasing your greenhouse gas footprint.
  • Energy Efficient – Turn on the heat where and when you need it and see your electricity bill go down.

Uintah Fireplace and Design has the means and skills to secure an electric fireplace that gives you all these benefits. Contact us or visit our office at Holladay, Utah to schedule an in-home consultation.